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Riven’s Warp-Adapted Models Deliver 10X Improvement in Accuracy for Additive Manufacturing

Production grade accuracy and ease-of-use across multiple print technologies, materials and parts proven with customers

November 30, 2021, BERKELEY, Calif., – Riven, a leader in 3D reality intelligence for digital manufacturing, has developed Warp-Adapted-Model (WAM™) capability that enables higher accuracy Additive Manufacturing (AM) part production. WAM uses full-part 3D data from an initial part to identify errors and produces a new corrected model in minutes that eliminates warp and is up to 10 times more accurate when printed. Riven customers are using WAM to enable more accurate production parts today.

WAM capability has been tested extensively and has shown improvement across a wide variety of additive manufacturing technologies including FFF, SLA, metal binder jetting and MJF. WAM improves parts made by nearly any AM technology or machine and is available to select customers and partners now.

In a comprehensive FFF trial with three different materials, average print errors were reduced by over 2.8 times and accuracy improved from 80% to 93%.

WAM technology improves quality and accuracy for every build from every machine for all additive technologies – even proactively correcting errors on legacy equipment.

Above: A typical part printed on a FFF system shows significant deviations from the design. Red areas are oversize, blue areas are undersize and grey areas match the design. A histogram shows error distribution.

Below: A warp-adapted-model (WAM) generated with Riven and printed on the same printer shows 10X lower total deviations.

“Riven’s WAM is a unique and powerful capability that enables us to deliver production parts with tighter tolerances and saves weeks by eliminating process iterations. This further demonstrates Riven’s value in speeding up product acceptance and improving the experience of our mid-size and Fortune 500 customers,” said Nate Higgins, President of FreeFORM Technologies, a leading AM service bureau specializing in end-use metal binder jet parts.

Unlike simulation approaches to improve AM part quality for specific technologies and machines, WAM works for any additive technology without the need for detailed knowledge of the specific machine or material parameters.  WAM is complementary to simulation-based approaches and can be used alone or in combination to correct remaining errors related to environmental conditions or imperfect simulation input.

In a comprehensive FFF trial, average print errors were reduced by over 2.8 times where the accuracy score improved from 80% to 93% (where errors are defined as areas with deviation over 0.25mm).  Trials were conducted with three different part types and in three different materials. 

WAM is scalable, making additive manufacturing a viable option for customers with projects that only need a few units to those that require thousands or more. Riven is developing joint solutions with leading AM equipment and AMES partners to open new markets for AM production across industrial, automotive, aerospace and consumer applications.

Riven is also pre-release testing PWAM™, a predictive, machine-learning driven version of the technology which creates pre-adjusted models automatically and will deliver even greater economies of scale and minimize production of scrap parts.  

“Our objective is to accelerate the entire AM industry by enabling systematic ramp-up of production AM parts,” said James Page, founder and CTO of Riven.  “Parts printed with Riven’s WAM and forthcoming PWAM will be within spec and can be shipped – whereas initial parts printed from CAD are frequently out of tolerance and cannot be shipped to customers. WAM saves resources, reduces waste, and improves customer service.”

To learn more about Riven’s 3D reality intelligence and collaboration solution, including WAM, please sign up for Riven’s Dec 8, 2021 Webinar by registering here

About Riven

Riven is leading 3D reality intelligence for digital manufacturing.  Riven enables fast product introduction and customer acceptance of high-accuracy, end-use AM and conventional production parts at scale.  Riven cuts weeks on product launches by leveraging proprietary 3D reality intelligence and open platform integrations, allowing manufacturers to easily validate parts, improve product accuracy up to 10X and collaborate on as-manufactured parts in rich, visual 3D across stakeholders.   Riven customers include leading mid-market to F500 OEMs and service bureaus building industrial, consumer and automotive products.